About Ginny

Welcome to Ginny’s Page,

Thank you for dropping by my web page.   I really love working with people as they sell their home or they find that home where they have always wanted to live – either way, it is an adventure I get to share.

Presently, I live in the Leland area, my daughter’s family lives in the Forest Hills area, and my son’s family lives in the Murrayville area.   My grandchildren go to public schools in both New Hanover and Pender County.  Together we own a beach house at Surf City.  I am acquainted with several different sections and I will tell you what impresses me the most in Wilmington = THE SENSE OF COMMUNITY.  

I grew up, went to school and reared my children in a small town in West Virginia (all towns are small in West Virginia).  I know what community is all about.   My husband and I retired from the educational system in West Virginia and moved to South Carolina (Murrells Inlet).   Doesn’t this sound like a lot of people from West Virginia?  I joined Horry County Schools, and this is the time I decided I wanted to go into the real estate business.  In 2001, I became a real estate agent in South Carolina and the two jobs were certainly complementary.

In 2014, I retired from the educational system in South Carolina, sold our house, and left the USA for teaching jobs in Cambodia, Russia, Moldova, and most recently Ecuador.   In between countries, I found a community place to live in Leland and I just couldn’t let go of this wonderful life as a Real Estate Agent.   In 2016, I began my classes for a North Carolina Broker’s license and began working for Intracoastal Realty as soon as I passed the state exam.  

REMEMBER, AS YOUR BROKER, I UNDERSTAND that if you are the seller you are giving up this place where you have many attachments and mixed emotions.  If you are the buyer, you see a beautiful picture and you must go through tons of paperwork to realize this future.  I will be there with you every step of the way on this journey.